Mac Cloners Open Tech on sale for $50k


open-tech.jpgGot a spare £25k lying around? Fancy owning a computer manufacturer who make desktops that are compatible with Mac OS X? Open Tech are for sale, according to a notice on their website.

Of course, this comes just after the news that fellow copycast Psystar are being sued by Apple, so you might want to invest a little further in a legal team, too. You’ll get Open Tech’s name, their reputation, their press contacts, and of course, their “trade secrets”.

It’s a nice idea, installing OS X on your PC, but you can get most of the UI improvements using a variety of themes and tools that are available for free, and then you get the compatibility and software choice of Windows with the vanity of letting everyone think you own a Mac.

Open Tech (via Ars Technica)

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