Psystar: fact or fiction – the OpenMac traders have no premises


openmac-pystar.jpegWell, well, well, the plot thickens like a bowl of two-day-old porridge that’s had some treacle added to it to make it extra thick and sticky. Mac cloner Psystar does not seem to exist. They have no premises.

They have a website , you can even go part way through ordering your very own US$399 OpenMac but, according to the Gizmodo team out in the States who got some readers to check out their premises, they found they only exist on paper. In fact, they don’t even have paper. They are simply a company of ghostly, virtual code. Spooky.

Psystar hit the news a couple of days ago with the computing balls to undercut Apple with a Hackintosh they sold at less than half the price that runs OS X Leopard.

Then, yesterday, predictably they went offline bracing for what everyone thought was an impending Mac attack but the Apple onslaught never materialised. Spookier still.

Psystar’s published Miami address changed three times in the same day but more alarming is that the Miami Chamber of Commerce has never even heard of them, and this is a company that’s supposed to supply a whole range of products from security systems to network management devices as well as computers. At this point, one may wonder what the buggery-bollocks is going on?

Amid all this, Apple themselves have remained completely silent; not a peep from their press office or their lawyers. Is this an elaborate hoax? Are Apple in on some massive PR scam? What could they possibly have to gain? Perhaps they are about to slash their prices and in a huge rush for the home computer market?

I seriously doubt it, but there’s something very fishy about all of this. Stay tuned for the next episode of the OpenMac Mystery.

(via Gizmodo)

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