Microsoft gloats over Xbox 360 sales doubling since price slash…


stacks-of-money-2(2).jpg…Which is bad news for us, having to put up with all these young whippersnappers yelling ‘noob!’ at us on Xbox Live constantly.

It may not be Christmas yet, but it looks like Microsoft’s price-cut of the Xbox 360 back in March lured in an awful lot of parents with cash to burn, as sales have doubled in Europe since then.

It’s to be expected, and was always tipped by punters as a canny move on Microsoft’s part, lowering the price but raising the sales. A press release circulated this morning from the big M claims that it’s now the ‘number one’ console manufacturer in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, owning 42% of sales so far. A dubious claim embedded in the release however states that they’ve got the largest attach rate of any console, with 7 games per unit, and quoted the PS3 has having just 3.8 and the Wii as 3.5.

These figures may be true, however the Xbox 360 has had the longest shelf life, launching in December 2005 in Europe, with the Wii released in December 2006, and the PS3 in March 2007.

Xbox 360

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