Amazon with more Kindles in the pipeline – definitely smaller, hopefully cheaper


amazon-kindle.jpgSo, word on the street is that Amazon is preparing a new version of their eBook reader, the Kindle, specially aimed at students and presumably everyone else that doesn’t really fancy paying £200 for the privilege.

The new version will be more portable at 8.5cm x 11cm, rather than 13cm x 19cm, which is actually quite a relief on the pocket and, fingers crossed, may actually cost less as well. Well, it is aimed at students after all.

There is , apparently, more than just the one new Kindle in the works and although none will have MP3 playback – unlike the Sony Reader – they will be addressing the interface issues.

Speak to many people in the tech world and even they will tell you that books are in no danger. Chat to anyone in publishing and they’re absolutely stacking it. When the price of these things drops down to £50, you watch and see what happens.

(via the Register)

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