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google-suggest.jpgI don’t know if you’ve ever checked out Google Labs, but if you haven’t, then you should. It’s got all kinds of mad stuff in it, from Google Mars to Experimental Search.

Until recently, it also included Google Suggest, which suggests stuff to you as you type, but the Gods of Google have deemed it awesome enough to graduate to the main Google search page. Over the coming week, it’ll roll out across the world, and you’ll find Google intelligently predicting what it thinks you’re typing in.

As a side bonus, it’ll also show you the number of results that query gets, which is useful, because it shows that “tech digest” gets just over a million results, but “techdigest” only gets 172,000. It doesn’t rank them in order of number though, which is interesting – I’d be interested in knowing how they rank the suggestions list…

Google Suggest (via the Official Google Blog)

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