Google put Olympic medal tables on mobile site. Now you can watch Olympic dreams die whilst on the go

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The trouble with the Olympics is that it is just too big. There’s so many sports to keep track of and they go on for so long, is it really possible to keep an eye out for your favourite minority sport? Are you really willing to endure all of that track cycling whilst you wait for the Handball to start? (Whatever Handball is?) Luckily, Google has got you covered – it has optimised it’s mobile site for the duration of the games.

Now when you search for an Olympic sport, rather than bring up a list of search results right away, it’ll give you the timetable for the next few events instead. Apparently once the games have actually started, you’ll be able to search for things like “Great Britain medal count” too, meaning that cheating in the sports round on the pub quiz on Sunday night has just become even easier.

Suggestions that searching for “dissent” brings up the Chinese security service’s schedule of which protestors to suppress are apparently wide of the mark.

You can also browse through all of the events heading directly to on your phone.

(via Google Mobile Blog)

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