Google put Olympic medal tables on mobile site. Now you can watch Olympic dreams die whilst on the go


The trouble with the Olympics is that it is just too big. There’s so many sports to keep track of and they go on for so long, is it really possible to keep an eye out for your favourite minority sport? Are you really willing to endure all of that track cycling whilst you wait for the Handball to start? (Whatever Handball is?) Luckily, Google has got you covered – it has optimised it’s mobile site for the duration of the games…

IOC allowing Olympics highlights on YouTube


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that it will be showing news and sports highlights from the Beijing Olympics in countries where no broadcaster has exclusive rights. The Video on Demand service will be available on a YouTube channel.

That means some 75 countries, including India and Nigeria, will be able to watch the best bits of the Games, as determined by the IOC. The channel will be “geo-blocked” so that those of us in countries where a TV broadcaster is already showing coverage of the Games won’t be able to access the YouTube footage.

Since the BBC will be near-exhaustively covering the Games, official YouTube clips won’t be available in the UK.

China still censoring the internet for journalists covering the Olympics. What a bunch of [BLANK]ing [BLANKS].


With the 2008 Beijing Olympics a mere week away it’s almost reassuring to see that despite the massive costs, huge corporate sponsorship deals and globalisation eroding countries individuality, China are trying their best to keep their own culture and traditions alive.

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, during the Games this year, the Chinese tradition of censorship of the internet and blocking websites that in any way contradict the brutal and repressive government’s official line looks set to continue…

Lenovo to auction off Olympic Torch-themed notebook PCs for global charities


Celebrating the one-year-out mark for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Lenovo yesterday announced plans for a major philanthropic auction, with limited-edition notebook computers inspired by their 2008 Olympic Torch on offer.

From February 8th next year, at the six-month mark, week-long back-to-back auctions for these “Cloud of Promise” notebook PCs will begin, concluding just prior to the start of the Games. Several of the PCs will be autographed by athletes.