Hackers attack pro-Tibet websites – ScanSafe saves the day

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Free-Tibet-Map 200 pix.jpgHackers have attacked pro-Tibet websites in what looks like virtual retaliation to the Olympic relay protests seen all over the world.

The cyberstrikes came from a server in Taiwan and were designed to monitor the activity of users of SaveTibet.org and FreeTibet.org by creating links to invisible websites that then download spybots.

It was internet security firm ScanSafe that spotted the attacks and warned the two sites with enough time to be sure that no-one was infected.

“We’ve been targeted in many other ways in the past, and I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long,” said a very calm-sounding spokesperson from FreeTibet.org.

Now, I don’t know about you but my Spidey-senses are positively bristling over this one. Who is behind this and why?

My first thoughts were the Chinese government but why would they use such an obvious and unsuccessful way to go about their espionage? My second thought is that it must be private anti-Tibet campaigners horribly deluded by state propaganda and not particularly adept at hacking.

But I’m quite fond of my third and sneakiest of theories. How about if it was the pro-Tibet lobby hacking their own websites in a plot designed to increase media exposure and traffic? How about them apples?

Whatever the reason, my moral switch on the Olympics has been well and truly flicked this morning after the Dalai Lama announced that he wishes the Beijing 2008 to continue with no boycotts. The dude’s been reincarnated 13 times and you can’t really argue with that.

(via Guardian)

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