Hackers prove Macs can get adware too


maclogo.jpgSavvy Windows users are all too familiar with fighting off adware and other nasty code that downloads from the Internet and snoops on our activity, pinches data, or generally clogs things up – and those who aren’t familiar are usually the victims.

Up until now, though, Mac users have been fairly smug in the knowledge that adware has been virtually non-existent on OS X.

Now some hackers have created a proof-of-concept sample of adware that will run on a Mac, and whilst it isn’t particularly a threat, it proves that a Mac can be infected if security measures aren’t in place.

iAdware (oh how original) could well mutate into something nastier, though most malicious coders are happy to stick with Windows thanks to its large user base and a host of existing exploits ready to be developed further.

Andy Merrett
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