Protesters gather against Google’s ‘Project Dragonfly’ Chinese search engine

Protesters gathered outside the offices of Google in London on Friday to demonstrate against its controversial Project Dragonfly, a censored search engine for China. A group of activists turned up to the demonstration at midday, demanding the company scraps the alleged plans over concerns about freedom of speech and internet security. In August last year,…

His Holiness The Dalai Lama joins Twitter

The Dalai Lama isn’t the first political leaderto join the microblogging phenomenon Twitter, but he might be the first religious leader. Well, the first real one, anyway.

His Holiness, or @OHHDL as he’s known on the site, has been networking like crazy, sending 46 updates and accruing 20,000 followers in just two days. Some of it is just sending out links to his other web presences, but there’s a smattering of other stuff, too, including the wonderful statement: “I’m sure HH will be just as inquisitive about technology as he has been over the past 14 reincarnations”.


Note: this post nearly contained a “Twibet” pun, but I thought better of it after seeing @natelanxon’s rant this morning.

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