ITV News' John Ray to appear in the next Smash Bros game?


Last Wednesday, there was a bit of a fuss when ITV News journalist John Ray was beaten up by Chinese police in Beijing whilst covering a story about, er, the Chinese police beating up pro-Tibet protesters. I know what you’re thinking: “What a perfect premise for a video game”.

Back in the olden days, when news happened the internet would react by posting a photoshop on the B3ta message board or by forwarding jokes about it via e-mail. Times appear to have changed though as one company has gone the extra mile and turned around a game starring John Ray in just two days.

T-Enterprise reacted quickly to this news, and in a bid to tastefully highlight the abuses committed by Chinese police and the suppression of dissent in China, has put together a platform game in which you play as John Ray in Tienanmen Square, jumping between moving clouds and planting Tibetan flags on them. You need to be careful, though – if you, er, hit the ground, then you’ll be chased away by Chinese tanks.

Play the game yourself here.

I’m now looking forward to their wry take on the Georgia/Russia war. Maybe it could be a parody of Age of Empires?

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