FLASH GAME CHALLENGE: Achievement Unlocked


Okay, you’ve had two weeks on Sock and Awe. The winner is Phage, who scored 15 hits on ol’ Bushy. Congratulations, Phage! This week, however, we’ve got a challenge of a different kind.

Today’s game is called Achievement Unlocked. You’re an elephant, and there are 99 achievements to collect. You’ve got to get all of them (or as many as you can). Some are easy, some aren’t so easy.

I spent far too long on the game over lunch, and took 1334 seconds to collect all of them. I might have alt-tabbed for a bit in the middle of that, too – so it should be fairly easy to beat. Let us know how you manage in the comments below.

Achievement Unlocked (via Kotaku)

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This is brilliant. Why has no-one come up with the concept of downhill bowling before? Fling a bowling ball down a hill and see how many strikes you can get on the pins scattered about the hillside on the way down. Plus there’s bombs!

Install the Unity Web Player (It’s not virus, spyware, etc), and then restart your browser and give it a quick go. I had difficulties running it in Chrome, but after swapping to Firefox, I notched up a whopping score of 7180 on level one. Beat that, and leave your score in the comments for someone else to top.

Downhill Bowling (via RPS)

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