Really rather pretty Palm Treo Pro accidentally unveiled

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palm-treo-pro.jpgYesterday, a couple of flash pages popped up on the Palm website detailing the Treo Pro. The pages have now been taken down, but the intrepid hunter who tracked it down grabbed the screenshot above before it died.

Formerly known as the Treo 850, the Pro is looking pretty lovely. It’s got a full-size 3.5mm headphone jack, a reset button, a Wi-Fi button on the side, and a considerably nicer-looking camera and speaker than the 800w, which isn’t the most beautiful of smartphones. There’s also a rather enigmatic “side button”.

Of most note though is that it’s running Windows Mobile, rather than Palm’s OS. That’s sure to annoy a few users, but should ultimately help to increase the availability of third party software to run on it.

If you’re particularly taken by the looks, perhaps you’d like to see the back of the device too – here it is:


No word on how big it is, when it’s out, or how much it’ll cost, but when we hear anything, you’ll be the first to know.

(via Gizmodo)

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