TouchLauncher: Turn your Palm into an iPhone

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palm-iphone.jpgIf you’re a big Palm fan but still fight pangs of jealously every time you see that pretty, smooth Apple iPhone operating system, then salver no more. For the bargain price of $6.99 you can bag yourself TouchLander or even try it for free.

TouchLander mimics the iPhone OS supporting the same icons, wallpapers, drag ‘n drop functionality, categorization and adding of web links that you get with Apple’s new darling but most importantly you can scroll between screens with your fingers to your heart’s content.

It’s designed to work with Pam OS 5 but if you’re not too sure, you can download the free trial which will give you 10 launches to make up your mind. There’s even a demonstration video after the jump. Enjoy.

TouchLauncher (via Into mobile)

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