Microsoft revealing "technical information" regarding Windows 7 in October, says W7 dev blog

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windows-7-changes-october-announcement.jpgFantastic. Just when we’ve finally turned off everything in Vista, deleted half of it and got it working and looking something like good old XP again, Microsoft starts preparing to change the game once more.

According to the nerds working on it, MS will “provide in-depth technical information” regarding the inner-workings and thinking behind Windows 7 this October. October 27, to be precise, at the The Professional Developers Conference.

The MS boffins’ new blog is also supposed to provide an “open and honest, and two-way, discussion” about how development of Windows 7 proceeds, with the “community” allowed to voice its views. Good luck with that, chaps. We give it 12 hours before comments are turned off to stop everyone slagging Vista.

(Via MS Engineers)

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