Fring's free phones for Olympic Beijing bloggers – air fare not included

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fring-olympics.jpgIf you’ve already booked your trip to Beijing this summer or you’re really desperate for a free phone then, mobile VoiP service Fring is offering you your very own 3.5G handset with GPS, camera, local SIM card and an unlimited data plan in return for micro-blogging the Olympics on their behalf.

There’s no regulation as to what you have to blog so long as it’s got something to do with the games, even if it’s just getting trollied, breaking into the stadium at the dead of night to light a fag off the eternal flame, getting brutilised by the police and spending the three or four weeks blogging from the inside of a Chinese prison.

Provided you can still pick a signal and that you haven’t traded off the handset in payment for some rice and the protection of a man the size of Bolo Yeung, then Fring would love to know how life is in Beijing this summer.

By the way, there’s no particular indication of whether or not you get to keep the phone after the Olympiad is done but it’d be pretty mean if they took it away again. Especially after the jail time.

Fring offer (via Pocket Picks)

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