Google Android bloggers claim iPhone 3G is "deceitfully mediocre"

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phandroid-iphone.jpgBoy, there’s no love lost between the bloggers at Google Android fansite Phandroid, and Apple, as they’ve published a huge tirade against the iCompany, calling the iPhone 3G “Deceitfully Mediocre”.

In the 1,731 word attack on Apple, they label the announcement the “yPhone OhGeez disaster”, claiming “the product seems rushed to market and unpolished”. Their main points of contention include “the $199 lie”, as you’re charged $49 for a dock and USB connection, and then the actual monthly contract fees; the 3G speed actually being slow; and seemingly the fact that every other handset available is better than the iPhone.

Phandroid does have an ulterior motive throughout all this of course, which it gets to at the end of the essay. It makes a very interesting argument, and is ultimately a breath of fresh air for those who are sick of all the sycophantic posts littering all forms of media the last few days.

Phandroid’s rant
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