A guitar photocopier, for effortlessly making clones of famous bits of wood

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wood-carving-duplicator-guitar-photocopier.JPGTechnically, this is a “wood carving duplicator” but the description “guitar photocopier” seems to fit the automated drilling machine so much better.

“A guide pin follows the contour of the original while a carbide bit does the cutting,” says the listing, creating a precise wooden recreation of your original once it’s finished. It’s so precise it leaves the newly created version only requiring a bit of sanding and painting before it gets stuck on eBay for £49,000 as an original once used by Jimi Hendrix.

It rotates so you can carve 3D objects, and can even handle complex items like curved chair legs and… human skulls. You could do a wooden copy of your dog’s head, if you have an old dog that is good at sitting still. Best toy ever.

(Via Music Thing)

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Gary Cutlack
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