Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing – a potentially lethal fake imported Nintendo DS


Don’t ruin Christmas by purchasing a cheap fake Nintendo DS off the internet and have it explode and burn down your Christmas tree and, subsequently, the entire house and a bit of the neighbour’s house.

That’s the slightly over-dramatic warning being issued by HMRC today, which says it’s intercepted “hundreds” of fake Nintendo products on their way into the UK, including the old DS and the lovely DS Lite – products that include…

Clever German uses an MSI Wind, and a grinder, to create a fake MacBook Mini


The fans of small computers over at Liliputing – who must be well happy about the rise and rise and rise of the “netbook” and the impact it’s having on their Adsense earnings – have sourced a rather insane guide that shows a technically adept person how to build a MacBook Mini.

So, if you can’t quite bring yourself to spend the vast sums required to get a MacBook Air, you can have the next best thing – thanks to a German user on the MSI Wind forums. Yes, that’s just a lovely MSI Wind, with an Apple logo cut into the lid…

A guitar photocopier, for effortlessly making clones of famous bits of wood


Technically, this is a “wood carving duplicator” but the description “guitar photocopier” seems to fit the automated drilling machine so much better.

“A guide pin follows the contour of the original while a carbide bit does the cutting,” says the listing, creating a precise wooden recreation of your original once it’s finished. It’s so precise it leaves the newly created version only requiring…

Twitter ramblers targeted by all-new data-mining trojan


Users of Twitter, the minutiae-documenting waffling programme with no discernible purpose whatsoever, have been coming under attack recently thanks to a fake profile offering, predictably enough, free porn.

Some poor people have, while in the process of telling precisely zero readers what they had for breakfast, been sent messages from this fake account and then – here’s the stupid bit – clicked on the links supplied. Then they also clicked on “YES” to install…

Man awarded £22,000 over fake Facebook profile "libel"


Mathew Firsht has won a sensational and trend-setting court case today, against a friend who set up a fake Facebook profile with loads of personal details – and sex-based lies – about Mathew’s life.

The former friend, cameraman Grant Raphael, also set up a Facebook group called “Has Mathew Firsht lied to you?” – a group which stayed online for 16 days…

eBay not to blame for that fake memory card you bought off some bloke in Hong Kong


eBay has won its long-running legal battle with expensive necklace make Tiffany’s – and been found not responsible for the piles and piles of fake tat that clogs up its virtual shelves.

A judge found that protecting their products is the responsibility of the brand owners, not the seller. So eBay’s off the hook, thanks to a ruling that’s also rather bad news…