An update for the MSI Wind – bigger and pinker than ever

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msi-wind-u100.jpgIn the world of netbooks, everything moves rather quickly and the Wind has never been one to stand still – the MSI Wind, that is. The popular mini-laptop was updated yesterday with a new choice of colours, memory capacities and even operating systems.

You can now pick up one of these sub 1kg machines in black, white or pinky. Joy.

Things do get interesting with the upgrade to SUSE Linux in the 80GB MSI Wind U90 which will now set you back £269 at all good establishments not trying to rip you off. Of course, if Linux isn’t your thing, then there’s always the 1.1″ larger U100 model. This is the one that now comes in pink. I can’t hear those cheers.

The real benefit to the upgrade of this Windows XP-based 10″ model is that it’s cheaper, whichever colour you chose, and will now cost £319 unless you’d like to pay the old price of just a tenner more and get 100GB instead of 80GB. Fifty pence per GB doesn’t sound too bad to me and with the MSI’s more comfortable keyboard, you could do a lot worse.

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    Is the MSI Wind the same as the new Medion Mini e1210. Are the graphic cards the same etc?

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