Twitter ramblers targeted by all-new data-mining trojan

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twitter-fake-profile-hacking.jpgUsers of Twitter, the minutiae-documenting waffling programme with no discernible purpose whatsoever, have been coming under attack recently thanks to a fake profile offering, predictably enough, free porn.

Some poor people have, while in the process of telling precisely zero readers what they had for breakfast, been sent messages from this fake account and then – here’s the stupid bit – clicked on the links supplied. Then they also clicked on “YES” to install whatever application appears, compounding their initial error.

So this story isn’t really about Twitter being hacked at all. It’s the oldest story in the world – some people are too stupid and beyond helping. A bit like what’s constantly happening on MySpace, and, more recently, Facebook. Careless people who click on links in the hope of getting free porn are this generation’s biggest victims of crime.

So, anyway. Twitter users – be vigilant. If someone appears to be interested in reading about what colour socks you nearly put on this morning but then didn’t at the last minute because one of them was still a bit damp from the washing machine, it’s probably a scam. No one’s reading. Anything. Ever.

(Via Reg)

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