New viruses pretend to be your Facebook / MySpace friend

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Your social networking account is being targetted by destructive new viruses, which sneakily invade your computer by sending messages supposedly from your friends. Or the people you added as ‘friends’ to look more popular.

Win32.Koobecaf.a attacks MySpace users, if there are any left, by sending malicious content to their accounts. Similarly, Win32.Koobecaf.b (they’ll have to come up with more catchy names if they want to make it big) does the same on Facebook, in message format, meaning it’s even more irritating than getting 23 ‘Which Spice Girl are you?’ application requests each week.

The hyperlinks send you to crooked video clips which automatically download onto your computer, and next time you log onto your account, this same link will be sent to a selection of your friends.

Apparently social network users usually trust messages from their friends, which seems logical, unless you’re unfortunate enough to be friends with Paul Burrell.
So, a warning for you all:

  • If you’re on MySpace or Facebook, look out for these suspicious messages from your friends.
  • If you’re on both, it’s probably best to get out a bit more.
  • If you’re on neither, you have ceased to exist, so you won’t be reading this anyway.

(via ITPro)

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