Find friends you never knew you had with Signal Patterns Facebook application

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signal-patterns.jpgFacebook solves the problem of tracking down the friends you lost contact with but how about the ones you never even met? Personality testing science site, Signal Patterns, has launched a new Facebook application of the same name designed to suggest new people that you might like to get social networking with.

The idea is that you take the Signal Patterns personality test and, rather like a dating website, they match you up with people you’d like, without having to sleep them – unless of course you want to.

The survey measures very specific and unique personality traits to get an accurate picture and once the application comes out of beta you’ll be able to friend-up with its other users. This isn’t the first example of making new buddies on Facebook but it does give you a lot more to go on than a picture and a potted view on religions.

Signal Patterns (via Read Write Web)

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