Facebook to get a major makeover this spring

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facebook_feed_tab.jpgYesterday, Facebook’s creators outlined major plans to give the hugely popular social networking website an extensive overhaul.

The redesign will implement tabs at the top of profile pages separating the major profile segments: Feed, Info, Photos and Applications. Essentially this sounds like it’s merely spreading the problem around rather than doing anything about it, but you can decide for yourself by checking out a preview page here.

At the very least it will de-clutter the main profile page, which is something a lot of Facebook users have been asking for. However, there’s a danger of the system becoming a little tab happy.

For example, in the Feed tab you’ll find another set of tabs to help you add whatever Wall message, note, picture, video or application you want. And outside the Feed tab you’ll still get the main menu bar which contains, you guessed it, more tabs.

Incidentally this latter part could now have some added functionality in the form of a drop down menu taking you directly to all your applications.

You can leave your thoughts on the redesign on the Facebook page and the update is expected to roll out in the not too distant future – Facebook merely says ‘this spring’ so we reckon around the middle of June. Obviously, opinions on the new look vary wildly depending on who you ask, but it’s fair to say that Facebook is taking a risk as internet users aren’t always very accommodating to change.

The biggest obstacle is that once the change is made, that’s it. There won’t be an option for you to go back to the good old days when men were men and Facebook profiles all appeared on a single page. But then again, users did take to the introduction of the applications system without batting an eye and that’s become the source of some of Facebook’s greatest successes.

Facebook (via SFGate)

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