Facebook Fatigue: traffic dips in April

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facebook_logo.jpgYep, the social networking leaders saw a reduction of 2.5 million unique users last month which represents a decrease of around 10% of their usual traffic. That’s a lot.

Perhaps more telling is that their year-on-year growth has slowed from 98% to 56%. Note that still means that their traffic is increasing on the whole but at half the rate it was and it only took 12 months for that to happen.

One theory is that other social networking sites are diluting any one company’s dominance. Smaller, more niche networks like Imeem and Buzznet are still in the pink, while LinkedIn continues to positively explode with a YOY growth of 360% and April seeing a 10% growth in traffic on March.

Another idea is that people are getting a little sick of the whole concept, or certainly the more trivial side of it that Facebook tends to provide. Once they’ve stalked all their exes, avenged school bullyings and trashed their parents house, some see little left to do.

Facebook themselves will be hoping that the release of their re-designed, clutter-free user profiles will help persuade some of their traffic to return.

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Daniel Sung
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