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Extreme Gaming Club Part 1: Indoor skydiving

The concept of “Extreme Gaming” on the Nokia N-Gage platform is an embarrassment of a level somewhere between trying to pretend you know the words to a song you don’t and watching your dad dance.

The idea behind this cringe-worthy campaign is to prove that with N-Gage you can game absolutely anywhere and you can, but anyone who would rather play a computer game while doing something as fun as rally driving or skydiving has got some serious problems. The only thing you’re proving by sticking you’re head into a screen to miss the whole experience is that you’re an idiot.

All the same, you’ve got to hand it to idiots Aaron and Tim. They’re being paid by Nokia to do all this stuff and I for one would kill to have a go at indoor skydiving. I’m bang up for Nokia N-Gage as well, just not at the same time like a twat.

Nokia is trying a little too hard to be cool with the kids for my liking and with all the retro games available on N-Gage, I’m not convinced that that’s where their market lies anyway.

If you want to be down with the teens, go and check out the Extreme Gaming Club on where else but MySpace.

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