Nokia's "highest production value" N-Gage game Reset Generation will be given away for free on PC

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nokia-n-gage-reset-generation-ugc-pc-game.jpgOK, so Nokia’s making a game called Reset Generation for its N-Gage platform. It used to be called “Project White Rock”, but now it has a proper name. And very nice it sounds too. Well done to all at the focus group.

Reset Generation is going to be the big-budget, blockbuster game that has everyone FLOCKING to N-Gage, apparently – but it’s also going to be given away for free on PC. It sounds like Nokia has gone INSANE.

This confusing and topsy-turvy distribution system is down to Reset Generation’s user-generated angle. The PC version of the cliche-spoofing user-generated content-driven game will let users edit the game’s assets, then distribute them again – hopefully keeping the thing fresh and new for everyone.

Reset Generation will be out for mobile and PC this summer, accompanied by lots of quotes suggesting it’s a revolutionary change in direction for the world of video games. Although, with it being for N-Gage, there’s every chance it’ll sink without trace…

(Via Develop)

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