Multi-screen madness – just how many inches of LCD would you like, sir?


Wow. I’m in love. This isn’t just a massive screen, it’s lots of massive screens joined together and you can make them as massive as you like.

Each individual LCD from 9x Media can be anywhere between 19″ and 40″ and you can keep on clipping them together. You can even mix and match different sizes or make odd shapes; totally up to you. You want a display that looks like a Christmas tree for December? No problem.

The limit to the structure seems to go up to three rows but you can carry on width ways to 10 panels and beyond. You can chose whatever kind of inputs you need (DVI, analog, S-Video, digital, RCA) but you’ll have to email them to get specific prices. What I can tell you is that they’ll only take up to US$10,000 through Paypal, which I’m sure will comes as a blow to eBay-made millionaires the world over.

9x Media (via Bornrich)

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Daniel Sung
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