PrimaLuna launches ProLogue Eight valve-based CD player

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PrimaLuna has announced its new CD player, claiming a world first by incorporating a valve-based data clocking device — the Super Tube Clock. This dramatically reduces jitter and creates a uniquely clear, spacious, dynamic sound, as you’d only get from a valve-based amplifier.

State-of-the-art components include Burr-Brown upsampling circuitry and digital-to-analogue converters, ensuring the best quality signal is passed to the valves.

This is an amp you can really see working, as the glass valves are fully visible, and glow when the unit is working.

Other features combine to create high quality audio, including a dual-mono, zero-feedback output stage using two valves per channel, vacuum tube rectified power supply incorporating 11 separate power supply regulation circuits, and custom-designed isolation transformers.

This high end system is available now for £1,590.


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