Twitter ramblers targeted by all-new data-mining trojan


Users of Twitter, the minutiae-documenting waffling programme with no discernible purpose whatsoever, have been coming under attack recently thanks to a fake profile offering, predictably enough, free porn.

Some poor people have, while in the process of telling precisely zero readers what they had for breakfast, been sent messages from this fake account and then – here’s the stupid bit – clicked on the links supplied. Then they also clicked on “YES” to install…

Target refuses to talk to blogger: not traditional enough

target_with_arrow.jpgThe US retail chain Target, described by the New York Times as “the ever-hip, contemporary retailer”, reportedly refused to talk about one of their advertising campaigns with a young blogger who found them offensive, because they were not part of the mainstream (traditional) media.

When Amy Jussel from, called Target to complain about an ad which showed a woman splayed across a target pattern, she was met with the stock PR response, “Unfortunately we are unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with nontraditional media outlets.”