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target_with_arrow.jpgThe US retail chain Target, described by the New York Times as “the ever-hip, contemporary retailer”, reportedly refused to talk about one of their advertising campaigns with a young blogger who found them offensive, because they were not part of the mainstream (traditional) media.

When Amy Jussel from, called Target to complain about an ad which showed a woman splayed across a target pattern, she was met with the stock PR response, “Unfortunately we are unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with nontraditional media outlets.”

Apparently, Shaping Youth, and other blogs, are not “publications that reach our core guest,” according to Target. Guests are customers, and Target don’t want to lose focus talking to any unaccredited sources, no matter whether they actually do reach the same audience or not.

Apparently, Target has made exceptions, and is looking at changing their policy so that bloggers may be interacted with.

It’s interesting that Target doesn’t appear to be particularly interested in the views of individual customers, either, of which Ms Jussel is (or, at least, was).

It’s funny that some large companies are very quick to jump on any blogger who says something remotely critical of their organisation, yet doesn’t seem to think that these smaller, yet highly niche, sites are worth investing any time into.

(Via New York Times)

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