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Who cares about the telly? It's all about the internet now

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Amazon considering new hardware lines alongside the Kindle?

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Seagate shows off Freeagent Theater HD Media Player


Last night Zara popped over to see Seagate and managed to grab a look at their latest release – the Freeagent Theater Media Player. It’s a dock that plugs into your TV which will play content – music, video and pictures – from any USB hard drive.

Bizarrely, although it claims to be “HD”, it doesn’t have an HDMI-out. Strange. Instead you can use scart or component output. But there’s a lot of media support – AVI, DivX, MPG4, and there’s also 8x of on-screen zoom available if that appeals to you.

Bit of a mixed bag overall, but if it floats your boat then you’ll be able to grab it for £90 within the next couple of weeks.

Seagate (via ShinyShiny)