Cranberry develop a DVD designed to last 1,000 years

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CranberryDiamonDisc.jpgThink your DVD collection is safe for life? Think again. According to the National Archives, CD/DVD life expectancy is “2 to 5 years”. Enter then Cranberry, who have invented a DVD disc made of “synthetic stone” which they claim can last as long as 1,000 years without degrading.

The DiamonDiscs hold 4.7 GB of data, enough to hold a few thousand songs and photos. Perfect then for a digital time-capsule, in the unlikely circumstance that humans still use DVDs in 1,000 years time.

Isn’t it a little convenient that the main selling point of the discs, the claimed 1,000 year lifespan, will never be proven by anyone who buys them in the near future?

We suspect that our future-friends will be too busy with their hover cars and cyborg body-parts to care much about our quaint digital holiday snaps anyway.

If you want to leave a message teaching the next 10 generations of kids what an iPhone was or how “revolutionary” we found the Wii, pick up a DiamonDisc here.

Gerald Lynch
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