BT super-fast broadband rollout on schedule for 2012 Olympic launch

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fibre optic.jpgBT have today announced that they are ahead of schedule for their super fast broadband rollout, and plan to have the network ready nationwide in time for the 2012 Olympic games.

BT aim to have a 100Mbps service ready for 10 million UK homes by July 27th 2012. The initial forecast had predicted the network would be ready for March 2013.

Ian Livingston, BT CEO called for further support from the UK government.
“If you look around the world, several governments are pro-actively supporting the roll out of fibre broadband,” he said. “There’s still a debate in the UK – which is fine – but we need our politicians to decide how much of a priority fibre broadband is.”

The news comes with one stipulation however; only homes directly catered for with fibre optic cabling will receive the 100Mbps download speed. Anyone who connects via a BT hub-box somewhere nearby will receive a connection closer to 40Mbps instead, due to the copper cabling used.

Still, 40Mbps is hardly to be sniffed at. Virgin Media had better start watching their backs.

Via: BBC News

Gerald Lynch
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