CES 2008: What kit does a tech blogger need at CES?



We’ve done the post thanking our sponsors earlier on, but speaking as someone who was stupid principled enough to pay for all his own gear, I thought I’d do my own roundup. Hence the photo above, which shows the key tech that’s getting me through CES:

1. Teeny tiny Asus Eee PC. I’ve banged on about this enough in the past. Suffice to say, it’s working a treat liveblogging press conferences, and image editing with Paint isn’t too painful either.

2. Vodafone USB 3G modem. Actually, I haven’t used this yet. I fear roaming data charges. But if the Wi-Fi goes down, I’ll be laughing (while working out who’d buy my granny at short notice).

3.Teeny tiny Logitech mouse. Matches the laptop perfectly, and makes me look like a huge-handed giant when using both. Which is always good.

4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7. As good for shooting short videos of crazy men air guitaring as it is capturing still shots of robots gleaming in the show lights. Indispensable.

5. Olympus WS-300M Digital Voice Recorder. Records interviews as MP3s, and turns into a USB stick to get them onto the laptop. It’s almost enough to make me wish I was making podcasts this week. Almost.

6.iPod and big Sennheiser headphones. I forget the product name, but they muffle the outside world perfectly when cranking out ninja amounts of posts. Current listening: Burial, Breakestra, and Britney Spears. And some bands who don’t begin with B.

7. Nintendo DS. I wish I’d had time to use this any time other than on the plane. And maddeningly, I can’t consult Gamefaqs then when stumped by Zelda puzzles that even a child could solve. In-flight Wi-Fi can’t come soon enough.

8. Great big skull-shaped glass of frozen Margarita. Trust me, it made last night’s early-hours posting session much more bearable. Until it took effect and I fell asleep face-down in my own Eee. Never nice.

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Stuart Dredge