"7 inch iPad" shown off by Taiwanese pop star

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Taiwanese pop star, actor and pro racing car driver Jimmy Lin has sparked rumours that a 7 inch mini iPad is on the way after being pictured with what appears to be a cut-size version of the Apple tablet.

The jack-of-all-trades is photographed holding two tablets; one that appears to be a regular 10 inch iPad, and another one that has the same aethetic design and apparent iOS software, but crammed into a much smaller device.

We’d take this news with a shovel’s worth full of salt however. Apple main man Steve Jobs has been pretty vocal on his distaste for tablets below the 10 inch size mark. Speaking of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, he’s quoted as saying:

“This [7 inch] size isn’t sufficient to create great tablet apps. 10-inches is the minimum tablet size…7-inch tablets are tweeners; too big to compete against a smartphone, and too small to compete with the iPad.”

Sorry Jimmy, but we think you’ve been duped by a knock-off here. Stick to the racing cars and karaoke we’d say.

Via: Slashgear

Gerald Lynch
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