What's this? A Macbook Nano? Er…


Pictured above is the Macbook Nano – pretty nice, eh? I’ve got some bad news though – it’s a little out of your price range, as no money in the world could buy one. Because it doesn’t really exist.

It looks as though someone with far too much time on their hands has decided to troll the Mac fanboys on the internet by doing the gadget equivilent of fanfiction – creating a fictious version that the people who own the intellectual property would never do. Essentially this ‘Macbook Nano’ is Doctor Who teaming up with Superman to take on Saruman and Voldermort.


In reality it’s a modded MSI U100 netbook, which dual boots both XP and Mac OS Leopard, and has a massive 320GB SATA HDD. And it only weights 1kg.

I guess the irony of this is that if Apple did make a netbook Mac, it would actually be cheaper to “build” your own, as an MSI U100 must only cost a couple of hundred pounds, versus the million pounds Apple would probably sell it for.

It does look really, really nice though.

(via Gizmodo)

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James O’Malley
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