Shiny Video Review: the new 13-inch MacBook

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Not ten days ago we were laying the low down on the new Macbooks with their NVIDIA graphics cards, one-piece machined bodies and LED screens and now, for our delight, Susi of Shiny Shiny fame will talk us through her findings when she, a PC-kind of gal, got fruity with a 13″ Apple.


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Daniel Sung
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One thought on “Shiny Video Review: the new 13-inch MacBook

  • Oh dear. I could maybe concentrate on what you’re saying if you weren’t simultaneously experimenting with all the features on your video editing software. We don’t really need olde worlde grain effects, flashing transitions, and camera angle changing every millisecond. Wow that was painful to watch. Normally I do enjoy your reviews, despite the ghastly sofas. But please spare us the attempts at trendy camera angles and effects! Thank you. Now I have to go and lie down in a dark room.

    P.S. that could be a nice machine without the daft mirror screen.

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