AMD releases the ATI Radeon HD 4830 – mid-range performance at a mid-range price

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radeon-hd-4830.jpgThe mid-range of graphics cards sells well. To consumers it represents that sweet spot between getting awful gaming performance and paying through the nose for a bit of silicon. NVidia’s Geforce cards have done rather well out of that market in recent years, but ATI aren’t letting them get away with it – they’ve given us the HD 4830.

The 4830 is pretty much a cut-down version of the HD 4850, which sells for around £115. It’s almost certainly the chips that didn’t quite meet the performance standards required by that card. Physically, the two cards look almost identical, but performance-wise it loses about 20% on its older brother.

It’s handy then that this card costs just £90 – about 80% of the price of the 4850. If you’re after a new graphics card, and you’ve got a budget of £100 that won’t stretch to £115, then this is definitely worth considering.

ATI Radeon 4800s

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