SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Swinxs – 21st century party games

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Occasionally we actually get to see some sunlight here at Tech Digest. The video above chronicles the results – we all get a bit giddy and descend to the intellectual level of 8-year-olds. Lucky Swinxs was around to save the day.

It’s a sort-of games console, but that implies staring at a screen, and there’s none of that here. It directs you through a series of kids’ party games using RFID-equipped wristbands. It’s tremendous fun, as you can see in the video.

It comes with a wide range of games, and more can be downloaded from the Swinxs website. Battery life is about two hours, and it recharges via USB. The interface is a little weird to start with, and you get used to it, but you might find yourself at first having difficulty shutting the damn thing up.


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Duncan Geere
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