Ride this Robo-Triceratops until you get (dino)sore.

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Jurassic Park was a good idea. Not the ‘meddling with genetics’, ‘playing God’, and ‘being eaten alive bit’ – but the bit where the Dinosaurs come back to Earth to be used for our amusement. That is a really really good idea.

Which is why i really like this fantastic toy by Hasbro.

Called ‘Kota the Triceratops Dinosaur’ this terrible lizard is part of the Playskool range aimed at kiddies up to 3-4 years old. Now, up until seeing this, I thought Playskool made simple toys like Sticklebricks and bath-time toys like that turtle with the worried look upon it’s face.. Well, I guess simple toys just aren’t good enough for ‘Playskool’ers anymore, because Kota the Triceratops is anything but simple.

This is a robotic life-sized baby dinosaur. It walks, it squawks, it carries you around on it’s back. Talk to Kota and the thing responds by roaring, stomping it’s feet, or wiggling it’s tail. It has independent head, eye, mouth and horn movements. In fact, this animatronic dino wouldn’t have looked out of place on the set of Jurassic Park. Okay, it would. It really would, but you get the idea. This is one highly advanced toddler toy.

Featuring four different adventure theme songs, your little nipper can wander off around the garden to their heart’s content guiding Kota using the hidden control bars above it’s neck, and when lunch-time comes calling – Kota can be fed too – just shove his ‘leafy snack’ (supplied) in his mouth and he chews it, making all the associated gastro noises one would want from a robotic dinosaur. After food, tickle Kota’s belly and make him laugh. Then do it again. Then do it again. Then do it again. Then do it again. Then have it taken away by mummy and daddy for being loud and annoying.

Weighing in at a considerable 60lbs, you should note that there is some assembly required when Kota arrives, something i guess you’d probably want to bare in mind if you don’t want lil’ Johnny to open up the box on his birthday and find the splayed out innards of a baby dinosaur peering back out at him.

At an unbelieveable-considering-what-you’re-getting price of £160 ($298), don’t forget to also buy the 4 x ‘D’ batteries (the big round ones you’d put in a tape-player 15 years ago), cos without them, Kota is extinct.

Check out the real deal here (about 2:40 into the movie) and see for yourself:

[via Mahalo]

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  • This a great toy. My son is crazy about dinosaus. Are they still available in the market? and where can i possible find them?

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