More Lenovo thinness with the improved ThinkPad X301 notebook PC

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It’s been six months since Lenovo’s ThinkPad X300 (pictured) hit our shores, so it’s high time for an update, and it’s come in the form of… the X301.

A number of improvements over its predecessor add up to a pretty nifty notebook.

The X301 adds a 128GB solid state drive option, plus Intel Core 2 Duo ultra low volt (ULV) processor which, when coupled with the latest DDR3 memory, boasts a 20% improvement in performance over the X300. It can be fitted with either a 1.2GHz U9300 or a 1.4GHz U9400, and the front-side bus has been boosted to 1,066MHz: the X300 had just 800MHz. More oomph, basically.

Though detailed specifications aren’t yet available, Lenovo seems to have ditched the HDMI output for Intel’s royalty-free DisplayPort alternative. Great for watching high definition content on an external display in principle, but in practice you’ll find that the port is nowhere near as common as either HDMI or DVI — yet.

Plenty of options for connectivity built in to the X301, with options for mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, GPS, and even WiMAX.

Available in the US from 26th August, starting at $2,599, it’s expected to arrive in the UK in October priced from around £1,900.

Lenovo UK (Via IT Pro)

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  • I got X301 It has HDMI output but it seems differant of other HDMI cables we know .I could not find a cable could fit .If any one help me in this si will be soooo greatful …

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