Lenovo IdeaPad U8: Mobile Internet Device

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lenovo-ideapad.jpgIf you love the idea of easy-to-use mobile internet, but you don’t want to, or can’t invest in an iPhone or iPod touch, then you’re pretty much screwed. Sorry. But there might be some light on the horizon, thanks to Lenovo.

China has just launched the Lenovo IdeaPad U8. It might look like an old PSP, but it has a stylus and a USB slot, along with a 4.8″ touchscreen, Atom processor, 1GB of RAM and a 6GB SSD. It’s got a wealth of connectivity options, 802.11b/g wifi, bluetooth, GPS, along with EDGE, 3G and WiMAX, though they depend on coverage.

It’s most definately in that halfway space between netbooks and mobile phones – with specs much better than most mobiles, but a form factor that’s much smaller than your average netbook. The USB dongle in the photo allows users to recieve Olympics coverage on the move, and the whole device weighs a shade over 300g, which is slightly more than a DS or a PSP.

No word of what it costs or when you might be able to get one, but if we hear anything, you’ll be the first to know.

(via Gizmodo UK)

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Duncan Geere
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  • Just because you don’t want an iPod touch or iPhone doesn’t mean you’re screwed. They are not the only players on the market. Their are many media players available such as Archos and Creative Zen, which offer more media formats and higher resolution screen than the iPod. They also have some other features not on the iPod.

    • Oh absolutely. I totally agree – I own a Zune, and I’m testing a Zen X-Fi at the moment for a forthcoming video review. You’re totally right if you’re talking about media players.

      I was talking about mobile internet devices though – the best mobile internet experience is on the iPhone and iPod touch. My N95 is okay, but it’s not really “proper” internet. I’m well up for more, better, mobile internet devices, so I hope they bring the IdeaPad to these shores.

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