Apple and God form a new partnership, aim to target students and the meek

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iphone3G.jpgIt’s alright for some – kids starting this year at the Abilene Christian University are getting a free gift. It would seem that whilst God may not answer prayers for world peace, if you choose to attend Abilene, He might give you a free iPhone.

Apparently all 950 new students are getting either an iPhone 3G or an iPod touch – no doubt much to the chagrin of the students who started last year. Remarkably, the university seem to be justifying the $375,000 it costs to buy all of these gadgets by claiming that they can be used for “everything from class schedules and maps to real-time surveys”.

Meanwhile across the city, the local polytechnic has retaliated by coming up with its own offer: new students there will be given an experimental new technology known as “pen and paper” – which uses a flexible wood-derived material (more flexible even than the latest OLEDs) to replace a screen, and a stylus-like device for input – and some are even arguing that it is in fact quicker to use than the iPhone, and has a much longer battery life.

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  • Wow – so bitter and yet your posting was not on pen and paper but rather using the latest in blogging technology. You must have been the blogger sitting the back of the room with a bag over his head and did not see the new applications that the university “claims” to have developed being put to use. Real time surveys, campus mapping, class schedules and more were demonstrated that will enhance the educational experience of this generation of students who have not known a life without the Internet. Oh wait.. I guess you were not there or you would have been more informed. It seems it is time for you to sharpen your pencil and place your uninformed ramblings on a flexible wood derivative that will be seen by –uh — no one.

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