HSBC dumps Blackberry, switches workforce to iPhones

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The 3G iPhone has a lot of (very passionate) fans, but for business purposes the Blackberry has always been on top thanks to its QWERTY keyboard. HSBC, however, have decided that their workers really need multitouch and are considering transitioning their staff over to iPhones.

If they approve the decision then it’ll mean a huge order of iPhones – up to 200,000. Considering that there’s still a shortage of iPhones in some places, your best hope if you’re still trying to find one might be to get a job at HSBC!

It’s a powerful statement of faith in the new enterprise features that the iPhone 2.0 firmware has enabled, but I wonder if they’ve been listening to what Steve Jobs had to say about MobileMe. They might also consider taking a serious look at the Blackberry Bold, which will be out in a few days time.

Staff reaction to the news hasn’t been reported yet, but I imagine that at least some users will be annoyed by the lack of a proper keyboard on the iPhone 3G, once they get past the “oooh… shiny” factor that the iPhone seems to inspire in everyone.

Which side of the fence do you sit on in the Blackberry/iPhone debate? If you work at HSBC, what do you think of the plans? Let us know in the comments.

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