BRACE THE INTERNET: iPhone Nano rumours surface – Christmas launch on the way

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iphone-nano-daily-mail-lie-watch.jpg“Oh my god… *stares at the internet*… it’s STARTING AGAIN.”

Just as soon as we’re over the iPhone 3G rumour period of HELL, another supposed Apple “exclusive” rears its head – this time regarding a newer, smaller iPhone that everyone’s clearly going to be calling the iPhone Nano.

According to the Daily Mail (which we don’t read but were sent a link to the story, honest), the smaller iPhone will be launched on O2 “in time for Christmas” for a pay-as-you-go price of “up to £150.”

An unnamed “expert” told the Mail that the iPhone Nano will “have a touch wheel on the back and display on the front so that numbers would be dialled from behind.”

The Daily Mail presumably hopes we’ll just forget about this rumour if it turns out not to be true. But we won’t. We never forget when it comes to iPhone rumours. We’ll be checking back regularly with the Mail’s Science & Tech reporter Simon Fluendy to see if this is true or simply educated lie-work.

(Via Daily Mail)

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