NASA briefing the White House on secret Mars news. HG Wells' fear of Mars may be vindicated.

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Thumbnail image for phoenix_lander_landing.jpgA couple of weeks ago the sixth man on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, in an apparent bid to catch up with James Watson in the “man of science inexplicably becomes a crackpot” stakes, went on the radio and claimed that the human race has made contact with aliens and there’s a big cover-up to disguise this fact.

Maybe he’s not mad after all if Aviation Week, a publication not usually known for its hyperbole (or generally not known) is right with its story about NASA deliberately sitting on a huge announcement?

Apparently NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has made a discovery based on data coming back from the Phoenix lander about the “habitability” of Mars, and is briefing the White House about the news in advance of telling normal people either later this month or in September.

The latest data is supposed to be more than just confirmation that there’s ice there yet again as we’re already well aware of that.

This obviously causes the paranoid conspiracy nut within all of us to ask certain questions: “What are they hiding?”, “Why won’t they tell us?”, “Were NASA the second shooter on the grassy knoll?”

One Phoenix official apparently called the data “provocative”. I hope this doesn’t mean inter-planetary warfare is on the cards.

(via Aviation Week)

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