Man "portablizes" Super Nintendo

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It’s a beautiful piece. The cheap case gives it a pleasingly utilitarian early-1990s design appearance, with simplistic buttons you could easily believe Nintendo would’ve chucked into a handheld SNES – had it bothered to make one back in the day. And look at that chunky power button. Imagine the satisfying click.

The poor guy started his portable SNES project last Christmas and eventually finished it last week. Here’s how it turned out.


The chap used an off-the-shelf plastic case to whack most of the SNES bits in, then further customised the hell out of it by building his own cartridge slot to stick on the back. It also boasts two internal lithium-polymer batteries, an original SNES d-pad for authenticity when pulling off dragon punches, plus AV and headphone jacks for connectivity.

It’s not a case mod. It’s art. Well done, that youth. Check out his online photo diary for all the details on how he did it.

(Via Ben Heck’s forum)

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