Commodore 64 laptop from the House of Heck


The irrepressible Ben Heck has come up with another gem, this time in the incredibly old school shape of a Commodore 64, only now it’s a laptop. It’s got the best part of all the original innards, minus the odd bit shaved off to actually get it to fit into foldable form, and sits pretty, if clunky, with a 15″ LCD and original on/off rocker switch on the side.

Take a look at BH’s site for a better glimpse of how the magic happens but personally my favourite touch is the use of beige to really give it that 1980s computer effect. Good work once again, Mr Heck.


Man "portablizes" Super Nintendo

It’s a beautiful piece. The cheap case gives it a pleasingly utilitarian early-1990s design appearance, with simplistic buttons that you could easily believe Nintendo would’ve chucked into a handheld SNES – had it bothered to make one back in the day. And look at that chunky power button. Imagine the satisfying click it makes.

The poor guy started the portable SNES project last Christmas and eventually finished it last week. Here’s how it turned out.


The chap used an off-the-shelf plastic case to whack most of the SNES bits in…

Xbox 360 Elite laptop – by special commission only

ben-heck-xbox-360-mod-elite.jpgYou may well have heard of Ben Heck before – he’s regularly the source of amusement and amazement for gamers across the world, thanks to his love of ripping apart games consoles and rebuilding them in exciting new formats.

Like that thing to the left there. It’s a standard Elite Xbox 360, only transformer-ised into a green laptop, complete with HD LCD screen and keyboard for chatting with fellow clan members about which Halo map you’re going to play tonight…