The axe man is back – Ben Heck and his Guitar Hero pedal


Well, Heck, he’s at it again. Mod-master general Benjamin J Heckendorn was commissioned by those at Guitar Hero to come up with a pedal and boy, did he deliver.

He constructed the gaming tool out of all manner of bits ‘n’ pieces including an old Atari Jaguar controller cable and it acts as the strummer and whammy bar for the god of rock game.

What this means is that you get a free hand with which to drink your beer or simply hold up in the air in classic index and little finger rock pose. He’s even provided a demo vid of him and mate playing the game with a few highlights of what it’s like being Ben Heck – quite fun as it turns out.

I love the way he’ll only put a socked foot inside his creation.


Take a look at the Heckster’s site for complete modding maddness. My favourite part has got to be his description of the pedal. “It kind of resembles a big metal shoe, kind of like if Robocop went to Holland.”

Ben Heck (via CrunchGear)

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  • I just wanted to say that that Ben truly is a Godsend. I have the use of only one arm and Ben has been Gracious enough to build me a pedal. It is in the works now and I should be FINALLY playing Guitar Hero with my friends.

    It’s funny, My girlfriend and I have PS2 and have Guitar Hero 1, 2, 80’s, 3, Rockband, and 360 with Guitar hero 3, yet i have had to sit ansd watch while everyone enjoy’s playing.

    I can’t wait to get this pedal. I’ll be posting a video on Youtube the day of.

    Thanks Ben!

    • Kyle, that’s fantastic. Make sure you post the link here or send it to me and I’ll embed the sucker.

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